New Releases, What the Scot Hears

What the Scot Hears Has Arrived!!

It’s release day for What the Scot Hears!

I cannot believe it, and I cannot wait to hear what you all think.

What the Scot Hears is book 3 of my Agents of Change series and follows the love story of Lord Alaistair MacLeod, a private man and agent for the crown, and Mrs. Amelia Chase, an Amercian on the run from her past.

I hope you enjoy the book as much as I…it my favorite of the series!

The eBook is available for sale at most major retailers. The print book will be available in May.


What the Scot Hears

England 1814: She is an outspoken American with a questionable past and a dubious purpose. He is on the hunt for a traitor.

Mrs. Amelia Chase is a highly-opinionated American woman on the run from her past with a penchant for self-preservation and a healthy love for Shakespearean insults. She’s faced her share of tragedy but has always carried on without a doubt of her success. Until now…when she finds herself alone in a foreign country, giving the performance of her life…

Lord Alaistair MacLeod is an agent for the Crown and a man with secrets. He doesn’t speak of them, he doesn’t dwell on them, and he certainly doesn’t let them define his future. Much. One thing is for certain, he definitely doesn’t share his confidences with a peery, outspoken American woman who is obviously trouble, acts highly suspicious, and is far too nosy for her own good… And he’ll do anything to protect his friends from would-be traitors.

Can he trust enough to embrace such an enigmatic woman? Can she awaken the passions of such an intensely private man?

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What the Scot Hears Agents of Change, #3)

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