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Summer is on its way!

…and with summer comes some new pre orders!

I’m so thrilled to announce that all four stories in The Umbrella Chronicles are available for Pre Order Now… And all four stories are complete with new scenes and updates!

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Available Now!

A Decades Old Mystery and Murderous Villains.

Too Many Suspects and Too Many Surprises.

Political Intrigue and Scorching Hot Romance…

Grab your tissues and a fan and comfortably settle in with five tales of love, humor, and adventure in Regency, England…

The Agents of Change are on a cross-country adventure to finally solve the mystery behind the death of the Duke of Stonebridge’s father, while uncovering the breadth of criminal acts at the hands of the Secret Society for the Purification of England, each agent discovers love, humbleness, romance, betrayal, and friendship along the way.

The Agents of Change – The Complete Collection contains five previously published novels (four full length and one short story) making up the Agents of Change Series. More…