Historical Word Wednesday

Historical Word Wednesday: Concerned in Liquor

Wednesday'sConcerned in Liquor


1. Drunk

“This is one of many expressions used in Sussex to avoid the word drunk. To have a little beer, means to have a great deal too much; to have half-a-pint-other-while, means to be a habitual drunkard; to be none the better for which he had took, means to be much the worse; to be noways tossicated, implies abject helplessness. A Sussex man may be tight or concerned in liquor, but drunk never!

In the village of Selmeston, the blacksmith’s shop is next door to the public-house. I have met numbers of people going up to the forge, but never one going to the Barley-mow.”

From A Dictionary of the Sussex Dialect and Collection of Provincialisms in Use in the County of Sussex by W.D. Parish.

Well, I never…

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