Happy Veterans Day/Remembrance Day

vets1Thank you, veterans, past and present, for serving and for risking your lives to protect our freedoms.  Thank you for sacrificing time with your families, holidays with loved ones, birthdays with your children… so that we may sleep peacefully, knowing we are safe.  Thank you for protecting us… so that we may never know true oppression and fear like so many others who simply have the misfortune of being born elsewhere… under tyranny and poverty of a magnitude we can scarcely comprehend.  Thank you for helping others who are unable to help themselves.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you. #veteransday #veterans #salute

Poppies at the Tower of London. Photograph by Nick Harvey of Rex Features

In common wealth countries, today is also Remembrance Day or Poppy Day, dedicated to the memory of people who served in the armed services who have died protecting their country.  Many remember by wearing a poppy as a commemoration.  In England, 888, 246 ceramic poppies, each representing a British death during World War One, have been ‘planted’ around the Tower of London, with some 4 million people attending to witness the event.  Click here, for the full story and phenomenal pictures of this event. #remembranceday #poppyday #armisticeday

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