What the Duke Wants

Agents of Change, Book 1

What the Duke Wants, Book 1

England 1814:  Upstanding duke desperately seeks accident-prone wife from trade…

Miss Grace Radclyffe is a practical woman with dreams…

Dreams so close to fruition, patience has become intolerable. Still, she must bide her time even if being the ward of churlish relatives means:

  1. Awkwardness is inevitable —particularly when the circumstances are hilarious.
  2. Kindness is exploitable—specifically when dealing with The Beau Monde.
  3. Patience is impossible—especially when one is days from gaining one’s inheritance.

Fortunately, she is far too attached to her dreams to allow these truths to thwart her practical plans. Plans that do not involve a certain duke—no matter how delicious, sinful, and profound.

The Duke of Stonebridge doesn’t have the luxury to dream…

As a duke and an agent for the crown, Stonebridge carries the weight of responsibility and is prepared to pursue what he needs, even if such needs do not align with what he wants. And what he wants is Miss Grace Radclyffe—wholly inappropriate, impossibly perfect, and utterly remarkable…

  1. He tried to ignore her—impossible.
  2. He employed his best scowls—futile.

And all too soon, he’s stifling smiles and the twitch of his lips. Then, he’s wrapping her in his arms—




It seems he wasn’t prepared for everything after all…

What the Duke Wants (Agents of Change, #1)


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