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Spring Equinox 15

Happy Spring Equinox 2015!

Taking out the kayak at Botany Bay Plantation

Ah, spring. I love this time of year. Summer is my favorite, but Spring is the welcome lead in to the promise of summer: warm weather, boating, spending the day at the beach, hanging out at the pool, attending outdoor festivals, canoeing/kayaking, camping–all my favorite things.

Azaleas in bloom

Spring and summer make living in the Low Country of South Carolina so perfect. There’s always something to do outside. And everything is tinged a wonderful shade of yellow, thanks to the pollen. OK maybe that part isn’t a plus, but it does mean that the plants are blooming, so it’s not all bad.

Here in South Carolina, you can open the windows of your home to let in the fresh air, even at night. I just love the smell of the outdoors and the feel of a comfortable breeze blowing through the house and billowing my curtains. And I love to ride in the car with the sunroof open and the windows down; I so love the feel of the wind in my hair… even if it does leave it a knotty, tangled mess, it’s worth every minute. It is a time for rebirth, and I, too, feel younger… more energetic… happier. How about you? Is spring an enjoyable time of year where you live? What is your favorite season?

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