Regency Romance Turns 80!

Of course, the actual regency time period in history was from 1811 – 1820. A very short period of time, but one that happened 195 years ago! Phew. A lot has changed since then.  

But Regency Romance as a fiction genre is celebrating 80 years this year.

Today, the majority of romance authors consider the first official Regency Romance novel to be Regency Buck by Georgette Heyer. It was released in 1935 and inspired a wave of regency novels from other authors that has led us to the very specialized genre we see today.

During the course of her career, Ms. Heyer would go on to write more than 25 regency romances.  And over the course of this year, authors from the RWA chapter, the Beau Monde, will be writing articles about Ms. Heyer and her novels to celebrate this milestone anniversary.

If you’re interested, you can see these posts here on the Beau Monde blog.




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