Wacky Word Wednesday

Wacky Word Wednesday: Bumboo

© & ™ Hanna-Barbera
© & ™ Hanna-Barbera


1. “A mysterious compound of spirituous liquors under the influence of which, Mr. Turner, draper, of Easthoathly, made the following entry in his diary:–‘1756, April 28th. I went down to Jones’, where we drank one bowl of punch and two muggs of bumboo, and I came home again in liquor. Oh! with what horrors does it fill my heart to think I should be guilty of doing so, and on a Sunday too! Let me once more endeavour, never, no never, to be guilty of the same again.'”

From A Dictionary of the Sussex Dialect and Collection of Provincialisms in Use in the County of Sussex by W.D. Parish.

I love it. Some things never change.


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