What the Scot Hears

Agents of Change, Book 3

Scot Final

England 1814

Quiet and Demure…

Two words not associated with Mrs. Amelia Chase, a woman from America on the run from her past with a healthy love for Shakespearean insults.

  • Opinionated – Yes
  • Nosy – Most definitely
  • Daring and Outrageous – Perhaps

In sum, all things irresistible to a broody, sexy Scotsman with a delicious brogue. A man with the power to evoke sparks with a look, sizzle with a touch, and fire with a moan.

And he’s looked… And touched… And most definitely moaned.

Talkative and Impulsive…

Two words not associated with Lord Alaistair MacLeod, an Agent for the Crown and a man with many secrets. Secrets best kept from a nosy American woman who tweaks all his instincts… the ones that scream: Trouble. The one that screams: Mine.

She’s suspicious. She’s audacious. She’s tenacious and brave.

Och, she’s simply irresistible.

All things he thought he disdained. All things he might not live without…

What the Scot Hears Agents of Change, #3)


Caught In The Act…of Spying?

Where Have You Been, MacLeod?

An Inconvenient Visitor…