What the Rake Remembers

Agents of Change, Book 4

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England 1814: Female warrior seeks unreliable rogue adept at betrayal and secrets.

Theirs was a forbidden love, but now…

Agent for the Crown, Ciarán Kelly, is an Irishman who loves women. All women. Big, small, buxom, slender, blonde, ginger, rich, poor—their features matter not. Fortunately, he was born with a silver tongue, enough wit and charisma to rival Claude Duvall, and an air of mystery, necessary to be an effective spy. In short, women love him. But after being branded a traitor and tortured by the very villains he’s vowed to destroy, he’s lost his memory and is left with only one person in the world he can—and must—depend upon…and she despises the very air he breathes.

No matter, he is:

  • Confidently optimistic—she’ll come around.
  • Smooth-talking—beneficial when he makes her angry. And he will make her angry.
  • And brilliant—useful, if only he could remember…

And he isn’t:

  • Impatient—there’s always time. See also confidently optimistic above.
  • Or afraid—of being in love. He’s been there before.

Frederica Glyndŵr has matured since her father erased her from the family tree, tossing her to the streets of London with nothing more than her wits to aid her survival. What started out as a horrific journey towards female enslavement has ended up being the best possible thing to happen to her. She’s learned to be a fighter, a thief, a stealthy observer, and a surprising revelation to any villain who happens along—they love to underestimate her. Everything is finally perfect. Until a disappointment from her past invades her life once more, threatening to expose her secrets. She’s ready for a reckoning, but never forgiveness…too bad he has no memory of their past.

No matter, she is always:

  • Prepared—a life lesson; she will never be caught ill-equipped again.
  • And capable—she’s proven that to herself time and again.

And she isn’t:

  • Sloppy—with the men they’re after, this could mean the difference between life and death.
  • Patient—normally not a positive trait, but time is of the essence. Bad men are coming.
  • Or in love…or won’t be if she could only retrieve her heart from the man who stole it.

As the enemy closes in and Kelly’s mind begins to heal, he discovers just how deep his betrayal goes.

Can true love prevail over such sins?

Frederica can’t speak for some sins, but she’s damn sure it can’t survive all secrets…

What the Rake Remembers Agents of Change, #4)