Once Upon an Improper Hell

Ladies Adventure Society, Book 1

She fell in love with a fictional character…

Lady Catherine Parker first fell in love at 16. With a gaming hell owner. Which, as one might imagine, introduced a whole host of problems for Cat when she finally debuted two years later. Mainly—one couldn’t marry a fictional character in a book.

Or could she?

Who just might be a real hero after all…

Rupert Craven is a jaded man. At forty-five, he’s seen it all: friendship, war, sex, murder, wealth, poverty… the best and worst humanity has to offer.

Or has he?

For the moment he lays eyes on Lady Catherine Parker, he suspects she’s unlike any woman he’s ever known—a most intriguing mix of youthful innocence with an eye for mischief and inherent sensuality…a bewitching notion for a man hanging on to his humanity by a thread.

Too bad she’s 100% off limits…

This book just might be for you, if you love…

✅ A Sexy Silver Fox

✅ A Brazen Heroine

✅ Steamy Attraction

✅ Quirky Humor

✅ Heated Tension

✅ Best Friend’s Sister

✅ Cross Class Relationship

✅ A Wide-Open Bedroom Door

Coming 2023!