What the Duke Wants

Agents of Change, Book 1


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England 1814:  Upstanding duke desperately seeks accident-prone wife from trade…

She is from trade. He is a duke and an agent for the crown with a name to restore and a mystery to solve.

Miss Grace (ha!) Radclyffe is an oftentimes hilariously clumsy, 20-year-old orphan biding her time living with her uncle until she is old enough to come into her small inheritance. Much to her aunt’s chagrin:

She isn’t:

  • Reserved – not with her shocking! tendency to befriend the servants…
  • Sophisticated – highly overrated if one cannot run around barefoot outside…
  • Graceful – she once flung her dinner into a duke’s face… on accident, of course.

 But she is:

  • Practical – owning a fashion house is in her future; unless someone foils her plans…
  • In love… maybe… perhaps… possibly…

The Duke of Stonebridge is a man with a tragic past. His father died mysteriously when he was 12 years old amid speculation that the old duke was ‘involved’ with another man. He must restore his family name, but on the eve of his engagement to the perfect debutante, he meets his betrothed’s cousin, and his world is turned inside out… No matter:

He is always:

  • Logical – men who follow their hearts and not their heads are foolish…
  • Reserved – his private life is nobody’s business but his own…

And he isn’t:

  • Impulsive – it always leads to trouble…
  • Charming – that’s his best friend, the Marquess of Dansbury’s, area of expertise…
  • In love… maybe… perhaps… possibly…

Can he have what he wants and remain respectable? Can she trust him to be the man she needs?

What the Duke Wants (Agents of Change, #1)


Dansbury Delivers Distressing News
Grace’s Flying Prawns!
Grace & Stonebridge… Read

13 thoughts on “What the Duke Wants”

    1. Thanks! Yes, romance isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. I happen to love it, of course. You should have heard my conversations with my mother in law, who is English. She spent three months here reviewing the book as I wrote it… She actively dislikes romance. I teased her often with “You remember, you were there…” But we survived the experience with our relationship intact… lol – and of course, I had to dedicate the book to her for all her help. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I am so happy with this book that I couldn’t wait until it is finished to see when I can get the next book. When will book two be released?
    I read a book every one to two days. I have been my mother’s caregiver for several years and now she also has Alzheimer’s and as it slowly progresses I need my daily escape into books even more. Thank you for your contribution to my mental health.
    I read many different genres and have several favorite authors. I am adding your name to my favorites list and will check often for new releases. No pressure, but could you write a little faster please?


    1. LOL – Linda. Thank you for writing; you made my heart sing this morning. I am so glad this book offered you a bit of escape – it is why I read romance myself and why I tend to lean toward fictional worlds that are far removed from present day. I can empathize with what you are going through, my grandmother had Alzheimer’s as well, and my mother contracted a rare virus several years ago that caused a fair amount of brain trauma which left her unable to care for herself and left her with severe aphasia. I can say that she knows us when she sees us, so that is something.

      I am happy to say that I have finished writing book 2 and as soon as I have a release date, I’ll be shouting it from the mountain tops :).

      Thanks again for writing – I am glad you enjoyed the book.


  2. I wonder if Beatryce is going to be the woman he falls for. I could totally see it especially since I’m not all convinced that she is the terrible lady that she was painted as in the first book. I think she was frightened into being evil and mean to Grace. I could be wrong but it would be interesting.

    Liked by 1 person

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